Design a GUI application that obtains the three partner of ABC Company PVT LTD there destributr Ratio is Jigar : 2, Sweni 3and Avani's ratio is 5.

Auto Mobile

Design the GUI program the obtain a Vehicle Basic price, 15% service Tax, 5% RTO Tax, 5% Road Tax, 2% Other Tax to calculate the all price.


Joy N Joy

Design the GUI Program that obtain the Joy N Joy park fees rate food exp. and total price.


Design a GUI application that obtains to calculate to all detail of the year.


Design a GUI application that obtains the Tic Tac toe Program.

Avon Shoes Factory

Design a GUI application that obtains the Avon Shoes Factory Program. Each Shoe price 1500/- , Each sandal price 1000/- and Slipper Price 500/-.

Discount Calculator

Write code for the CmdCalc command button to display the discount rate and net price 5 in the TxtDisc and TxtNet textboxes respectively. Note that net price is calculated as shopping amount – discount amount. The discount amount is calculate according to the discount rate which is based on the payment mode and total shopping amount according to the following table.

Payment Mode Shopping Amount Discount Rate
Cash < 10000 20%
>= 10000 25%
Cheque < 15000 10%
>= 15000 15%
Credit Card < 10000 10%
>= 10000 12%

Wage calculator

Design a GUI application that obtains the Wage calculator Program. Male and Female labourers are respectively paid at the rate of Rs. 140/- per day Rs 160/- per day. Skilled labourers are paid extra at the rate of Rs. 50/- per day.

Student Record

A programmer is required to develop a student record. The school offers two different streams, medical and non-medical, with different grading criteria. The following is the data entry screen used to calculate percentage and grade.

Stream Percentage Grade
Medical >=80 A
60-80 B
<60 C
Non-Medical >=75 A
50-75 B
<50 C

Internatinal Bank

Ms. Rakhi works in an International Bank as an IT Head. She designed a simple interest calculator program as shown below:
The interest rate is given based on the account type as shown below:

Account Type Interest Rate %

i. Write the code required for ‘INTEREST RATE’ button to display interest rate as per the above given criteria.
ii. Write the code required for ‘SI’ button to calculate and display ‘Simple Interest’ based on the given formulae: SI=(amount*interest_rate*duration)/100;
iii. Write the code required for ‘CLEAR ALL’ to clear all the textfields.